Highlights from IEEE SENSORS 2011

*IEEE SENSORS 2011 is the flagship conference of the IEEE Sensors Council, an organization currently consisting of 25 IEEE member societies.

*IEEE SENSORS 2011 showcased high quality technical presentations on a broad range of multidisciplinary topics related to sensors and sensor applications.

*Limerick, Ireland was the host city for the 10th annual conference.

*IEEE SENSORS 2011 attracted over 890 abstracts from over 50 different countries.

*There were attendees from 42 different countries at IEEE SENSORS 2011.

*Special thanks to all of our Patrons and Exhibitors!

*IEEE SENSORS rotates globally on a 3 year cycle;  Europe/Africa, Asia-Pacific, Americas. IEEE SENSORS 2012 will be held in Taipei, Taiwan - Oct. 28-31, 2012.

Student Paper Award winners:

*1st Place: A novel 1-gram insect based device measuring visual motion along 5 optical directions

Frédéric L. Roubieu, Fabien Expert, Marc Boyron, Benoît-Jérémy Fuschlock, Stéphane Viollet and Franck Ruffier
CNRS & Aix-Marseille Univ., France

*2nd Place: Phase-based 3D Optical Flow Sensors for
Motion Detection

Albert Wang and Alyosha Molnar
Cornell University  

*3rd Place: Integrated Centralized Electric Current Monitoring System Using Wirelessly Enabled Non-Intrusive AC Current Sensors

Qiliang Xu, Michael Seidel, Igor Paprotny, Richard M. White, Paul K. Wright
University of California Berkeley


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