Author Templates

In this page you can find the conference templates. Templates are the same for the final paper submission of accepted abstracts and for the late-news submission.
The final paper can be 4-page long. The late-news submissions should be maximum 2-page long.

MS Word Templates:

Adobe Distiller Settings for IEEE Xplore Compliance:
  • Download the PDF settings file to help you setup Adobe Distiller to produce a PDF file that meets IEEE Xplore requirements.
  • This zip file contains instructions on job option file usage as well as files for job option settings for Adobe Acrobat versions 5-XI.
LaTeX Templates:
LaTeX (Bibliography Files):
  • Unix LaTeX Biblio files
  • Windows LaTeX Biblio files
  • Access to IEEEtran LaTeX Class (template) V1.8 packages and IEEEtran V1.12 BibTeX (bibliography) packages.
  • Be sure to use the template's conference mode.
  • See template documentation for details.
Sample Papers: