INERTIAL 2020 Final Program

INERTIAL 2020 Welcome and Opening Technical Program Chair Announcements

Symposium Chair:
Toshiyuki Tsuchiya, Kyoto University, Japan

Technical Program Committee Chair:
Shuji Tanaka, Tohoku University, Japan

Technical Program Committee Vice Chair:
Takahiro Tsukamoto, Tohoku University, Japan

Invited Speaker 1 | "So, You Want to Start an Inertial Navigation Company?"

Speaker: Mike Perlmutter

Invited Speaker 2 | Frequency Modulated and Rate Integrating Gyroscope Based on Mode Separation

Speaker: Takashiro Tsukamoto, Tohoku University, Japan

Invited Speaker 3 | Making Quantum Inertial Useful Is Hard, But How Hard?

Speaker: John Burke, Program Manager in the Microsystems Technology Office (MTO)
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Tutorial 1 | "What is good and what is bad challenging about frequency modulated inertial sensors"

Instructor: Giacomo Langfelder, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Tutorial 2 | "Consideration and Experimental Results on the Calibration of Inertial Sensors"

Instructor: Akira Umeda, VectorDynamics Corporation, Japan

Tutorial 4 | “Vision Aided Navigation, Guidance and Control in Natural Systems”

Instructor: Jennifer Talley, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory

Track 1A | Accelerometer I

Influence of Mechanical Stress in a Packaged Frequency-Modulated MEMS Accelerometer

A Mode-Localized Tilt Sensor with Resolution of 2.4e-5 Degrees Within the Range of 50 Degrees

In-Plane Dual-Axis MEMS Resonant Accelerometer with a Uniform Sensitivity

Thermal Accelerometer Performance Enhancements Through AC Biasing Schemes

Small-Size MEMS Accelerometer Encapsulated in Vacuum Using Sigma-Delta Modulation

Track 1B | Accelerometer II

(P)Antistiction Recoil Accelerometer *Recorded Presentation Not Available

(P)Comparative Study of Single Quantization Architecture and Dual Quantization Architecture Electromechanical Sigma-Delta Modulators for MEMS Accelerometer

(P)Reliability of an 1000 G Range Vertically Integrated Silicon on Insulator (SOI) Impact Switch

Sensitivity Enhancement of MEMS Resonant Accelerometers by Using Electrostatic Spring

(P)A Force Balance Micromachined Accelerometer with a Self-Noise of 1 ng/Hz1/2

Near-Zero Power Mechanical Shock-Resistant Inertial Wakeup System with Scaled Inputs

Track 1C | Gyroscope I

A Million-Order Effective Quality Factor MEMS Resonator by Mechanical Pumping

0.00016 deg/√hr Angle Random Walk (ARW) and 0.0014 deg/hr Bias Instability (BI) from a 5.2M-Q and 1-cm Precision Shell Integrating (PSI) Gyroscope

Triple Mass Resonator with High Capacity to Tune Frequency and Quality Factor

Dynamically Amplified Dual-Mass Gyroscopes with In-Situ Shock Survival Mechanism

Quadrature-Induced Noise in Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes

Track 1D | Gyroscope II

(P)Scale-Factor Analysis of a Geometrically Compensated (100) Single-Crystal Silicon Vibratory Ring Gyroscope

(P)Frequency Split Improvement of Fused Silica Micro Shell Resonator Based on Suppression of Geometric Harmonic Error

(P)Study on the Effect of Quadrature Error on In-Phase Output Based on Electrostatic Compensation

Simulated Prediction of Structural Asymmetry for Glass Blown Micro Shell Resonators

(P)Observation and Prediction for Frequency Split of Cylindrical Resonator Gyroscopes Subject to Varying Angular Velocity

(P)High Q-Factor Mode-Matched Silicon Gyroscope with a Ladder Structure *Recorded Presentation Not Available

Track 1E | Gyroscope III

(P)Calibration and Compensation of the Misalignment Angle Errors for the Disk Resonator Gyroscopes

(P) Coherent Phonon Manipulation in a Disk Resonator Gyroscope with Internal Resonance

(P)A Monolithic Tri-Axis MEMS Gyroscope Operating in Air

Chipping and Wearing in MEMS Inertial Sensors: Effects on Stability and Predictive Analysis Through Test Structures

Design Comparison and Survivability of Epitaxially Encapsulated MEMS Disc Resonating Gyroscopes at High Shock (>27,000g)

Track 2 | Atomic Sensors

(P) An Atom SAGNAC Interferometer with Continuous Cold Atomic Beam Sources

(P)A Multi-Axis Atom Interferometer Gyroscope Based on a Grating Chip

System Design of a Cold Atom Gyroscope Based on Interfering Matter-Wave Solitons

A Flight Capable Atomic Gravity Gradiometer with a Single Laser*Recorded Presentation Not Available

Track 3 | Optical Gyroscope

(P)Optimized Design on Polarization Maintaining Photonic Crystal Fiber for Higher Precision Fogs

(P) Full-Parameters Mathematical Model of High Precision Fiber Optic Gyroscope and Automatic Coil Forming Technology

(P)Noise Suppression Solution for Ultra-High Precision Fiber Optic Gyroscope

Track 4 | Other Novel Inertial Sensors

Measurement Method of Frequency Splitting for High-Q Hemispherical Resonator Based on Standing Wave Swing Effect

(P)Sensing of Gravity with Micro-Nano Particles Using Counter-Propagating Dual-Beam Optical Trap

(P)A Novel Electromagnetic Suspended Rate Integrating Vibratory Gyroscope

(P)A High Q, Quasi-Monolithic Optomechanical Inertial Sensor

(P)Characteristic of Intracavity Optical Tweezers in Acceleration Detection*Recorded Presentation Not Available

Track 5 | Calibration of Inertial Sensors

Investigation of Gyroscopes Mechanical and Electronic Phase Drift with 2 μrad/√Hz Resolution and 12 μrad/K Accuracy

(P)Electronic Gain Error Compensation for Whole-Angle Mode Coriolis Vibrating Gyroscopes with High Q Factor

Quality Factor Trimming Method Using Thermoelastic Dissipation for Ring-Shape MEMS Resonator

(P)Cross-Axis Sensitivity Calibration of MEMS Gravimeters on a Dividing Head

(P)Optimization of MEMS-Gyroscope Calibration Using Properties of Sums of Random Variables

Track 6 | Fabrication and Materials for Inertial Sensors

(P)Low-Cost, High-Throughput Process Using HF Acid to Singulate Fused-Silica Shell Resonators with High-Q

Shell-in-Shell (SiS): 3D Shell Resonator with 3D Conformal Shell Electrodes

(P)Fabrication Technology of Quartz Glass Resonator Using Sacrificial Metal Support Structure

Track 7 | Electronics for Inertial Systems

MEMS Gyro Array Employing Array Signal Processing for Interference and Outlier Suppression

In-Run Navigation Grade Quartz MEMS-Based IMU

Track 8 | Application of Inertial Sensors

(P)Analysis of Dynamic North Finding Based on Multiple Low-Precision MIMUs

(P)A MIMU/GNSS/Magnetometer/Polarized Light Integrated Compass Algorithm

(P)Ultra-Compact Navigation-Grade Inertial Measurement Unit IMU400

The Framework of an Software-Defined Gyroscope and Stochasitic Error Modeling Analysis

(P)A High-Resolution Area-Change-Based Capacitive MEMS Accelerometer for Tilt Sensing

Track 10 | Late News

(P)Respiratory and Cardiac Signal from Accelerometer Gently Contacting on Torso

(P)Demonstration of Trajectory Estimation Using a Mobile MEMS Rate Integrating Gyroscope Module

(P) A Gold Proof-Mass Differential MEMS Accelerometer for Micro-G Level Sensing

(P) Silicon Micro Gyroscope with 10°/H Stability in Wide Temperature Range

(P) An Experimental Localization Sensor Platform for Enhanced Initial Heading Estimation

Electrode Design of Single Crystal Lithium Niobate Piezoelectric Disk Gyroscope

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