We are happy to announce three exciting Tutorial Tracks to be held Sunday, November 3rd at IEEE SENSORS 2013!

Tutorial Fees

*Fees are listed in USD

 Tutorial Fees Advanced On-site
 IEEE Member
200 250
250 300
 Student/Life Member
150 150

*If you need to make registration payment by check or bank transfer please complete the registration form and email it to Chris Dyer.

Tutorial Sessions

Time Parallel Session 1: Novel Trends in Sensing
Parallel Session 2: Inertial Measurement
Parallel Session 3: Bioelectronics
7:00-8:30 REGISTRATION    
8:30- 10:20

“Cold Atom Gyros”

Todd Gustavson, Ph. D, AOSense, Inc.


“MEMS Inertial Sensors: A Technology Overview”

Mojtaba Hodjat-Shamami, Georgia Tech Institute



“Bioelectronics:  Its Future in your Health and Well Being”

Professor Veena Misra, NCSU ERC for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies 


“Energy Considerations and Self-Powered Devices”

 Prof. John Muth, NCSU ERC for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies

10:20-10:40 BREAK    

"Fast DNA Sequencing by Electrical Means"

Prof. Massimiliano Di Ventra


"Design and Analysis of MEMS Gyroscopes”

Diego E. Serrano (Qualtré)

“Technologies for Wireless Biosystems”

Prof. Maysam Ghovanloo,  Georgia Institute of Technology


Luncheon Speaker:

“Starting a Medical Monitoring Company from Scratch”

Dr. Steven LeBoeuf,  Valencell, Inc.

13:30- 14:50

 “Ultimate MEMS Sensors”

How to use internal feedback and non-linearity to achieve near-quantum sensitivities

Prof. Pourkamali (UT Dallas)


“Design and Analysis of MEMS Accelerometers”

Diego E. Serrano (Qualtré)

“Technologies for an Implantable Nano-Bio-Sensing Laboratory”

Dr. Sandro Carrara,  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – Lausanne

14:50-15:10 BREAK    
15:10-17:00 “Optomechanical Sensors”

Prof. Gaurav Bahl

“Interface Circuits and Systems for Inertial Sensors”

Arashk N. P. Shirazi (Georgia Tech)


“System-Integration: Examples of Innovative Health Products”

Prof. James Weiland,  USC ERC for Biomimetic MicroElectronic Systems


“Demonstrations of mHealth Medical Devices and Apps”

Dr. Amy Schiffman, Capital Health Advocates & Capital House Calls 

Prof. H. Troy Nagle, NC State