Conference Banquet

IEEE SENSORS 2015 will host a Conference Banquet on Tuesday, November 3. The Banquet will be held at BEXCO and will feature local entertainment and cuisine. 

Entertainment will be provided by the well-known performance group Namsannorimadang. They will perform three traditional dances including Saja-chum, Poongmul-Pangood, and modern combination of hiphop and Poongmul. 

Saja-chum (Lion Dance)

A lion is the king of all the animals and it wipes out misfortune and demons and brings public peace to the villages. Saja-chum (Lion Dance) is a form of traditional play to drive away evil spirits and bring happiness


Pangood is a major form of samulnori (Korean traditional performance with four different instruments). Each performer wears a Sangmo (Korean traditional hat for performer) and has a variety of movements such as Sogonori, Buponori, Suljango and Yuldoobalsangmo.

Hiphop and Poongmul

Hiphop and Poongmul is a mixture of Korean traditional songs and dance with modern b-boying.