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Gala Dinner

The SENSORS 2014 Gala Dinner will be at the Masia Xamandreu de Godella on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

Transportation will be provided from the Conference venue to the Masia and will return to the Conference venue. Buses depart at 18:30.

About the Masia:
The Masia Xamandreu located in Godella, was built in the nineteenth century, and belonged to the Jaumeandreu family. This name was retained over the years. It was the banker Jaumeandreu, a man with a special sensitivity to art and a client of the well-known Valencian painter Ignacio Camarlench Pinazo, who invited the painter to settle in the farmhouse. 
As a result of this relationship, Ignacio Pinazo lived for several years in the Masia, which is why today we can enjoy the pictorial collection; "The Four Seasons". The collection consists of several paintings dedicated to the Jaumeandreu family. In the paintings you can appreciate the iconic building of the Masia and its surroundings.

The peaceful atmosphere continues today in the farmhouse and in every corner of it. The access to the farmhouse is through a long path lined with majestic palm trees. The building is surrounded by orange groves, giving it a strong Valencian feeling.