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Invited Speakers

The following is a list of invited speakers for special sessions at the IEEE SENSORS 2014 conference: 

Speaker Special Session
Michele Penza, ENEA, Italy
COST Action TD1105: New Sensing Technologies for Environmental Sustainability in Smart Cities
Smart Cities Sensors
Moshe Tur, Tel Aviv University
Recent Progress in Distributed Brillouin Scattering Fiber Sensors
Distributed fiber-optic sensors using Brillouin scattering
Eric Lacot, University of Grenoble
Plenoptic Microscope Based on Laser Optical Feedback Imaging (LOFI)
Laser self-mixing sensors
John Sader, The University of Melbourne
Fluid-Structure Interactions of Mechanical Sensors at Nanometer Scales
Analytical & Semi-Numerical Sensor Modeling
Brian Cunningham,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Photonic Crystal Biosensors
Photonic and phononic crystal sensors
Edoardo Charbon, TU Delft  
Introduction to Time-of-Flight Imaging
Time of Flight Imaging, Sensors and Algortihms
Ibon Zalbide,  Farsens SL
Battery-Free Wireless Sensors for Industrial Applications Based on UHF RFID Technology
Battery‐less RF enabled sensors for wireless sensor networks (WSN)