Domestic, U.S. and international flights will land at the Montréal—Trudeau International Airport located 14 miles (22 km) west of downtown Montréal. The city center can be accessed in approximately 20 minutes.

Taxi: $40.00 CA
Limousine: $49.50 CA - $54.50 CA
747 Express Bus: $ 9.00 CA per person, one way

Shuttle transportation can be provided. 

747 Express Bus
To go to and from downtown to the Montréal-Trudeau airport, you can board the 747 Express Bus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This specially-adapted fleet of buses offers convenient service for a low fare, travelling along a route that covers most major hotels.
Pass valid for 24 hours on all STM Bus and Metro lines: $9.00CA


Montréal’s urban layout and transit infrastructure make getting hotel to the convention centre to points of interest very easy and convenient. Of our 26,500 hotel room total, 15,000 are downtown, 8,000 are in deluxe properties and 4,000 link directly to the Palais des congrès (Montréal convention centre) via the clean, brightly-lit 32-km (20-mile) long Underground Pedestrian Network.

Public Transportation and Taxis
Public transportation is a great way to see the city. Hop on the metro and it’s only about 10-15 minutes to a myriad of museums, attractions and restaurants and to Old Montréal.

A special transit pass, called the Carte touristique, has been designed specifically for individuals attending conventions in Montréal. It gives holders unlimited access to the city's public transportation system for one or three days, depending on the pass purchased. This includes the use of four subway lines accessed by 60 metro stations, as well as more than 150 bus routes.

$3.00 CA for a one way ticket
$9.00 CA for a one-day Carte touristique
$18.00 CA for a three-day Carte touristique
All rates quoted above are subject to change.
For more information about public transportation in Montreal, please visit

If you prefer getting around by taxi, it’s easy to flag one down on the street. You’ll also find them at one of the city’s many taxi stands or in front of most major hotels.

Taxis from downtown hotels located at more than 0.5 miles from the Montreal Convention Centre would cost between $7.00 CA to $15.00 CA one way, depending on traffic.