OrthoSensor, a world leader in Sensor-Assisted Total Knee Arthroplasty, is globally
transforming orthopaedic surgery. Its leading product VERASENSE™ is a disposable sensor device which provides real-time intraoperative data, enabling surgeons to customize implant positioning and improve soft tissue balance in primary and revision


PZ Flex

PZFlex has been at the cutting edge of product design and analysis for over 20 years. Heavily used by Fortune 100 companies, startups, and universities around the world, PZFlex lets engineers model and simulate a wide range of physics with an emphasis on wave-propagation and piezoelectric applications.


Polytec GmbH

In the field of micro and nano technology Polytec's innovative, non-contact optical metrology enables the systematic testing of dynamic mechanical response of e.g. MEMS devices to important electrical and physical inputs, working with resolutions in the picometer range and frequencies up to the GHz regime. In addition our high-resolution 3D surface metrology option reveals all important details of the micro topography of your sample.



ASYGN is a connected sensor electronics specialist. ASYGN serves the MEMS, imaging and RF industries by delivering integrated circuits, lab instruments and software tools for the design, verification and characterization of complete sensor systems.

Recent releases from Asygn include the AS3125 platform chip and SDK for high performance multi-channel sensors, the VD5380 sensor chip for low-power optical navigation and the dBox-Z1 instrument for high-frequency resonant sensors characterization.



FocalSpec is a privately held Finnish high tech company offering laboratory level measurement precision for online quality control and manufacturing line process optimization. Our product range consists of sensors, 2D profilers and 3D at-line scanners for metal, electronics, plastics and medical industries as well as for systems integrators. Our headquarters is located in Oulu, Finland and it operates globally through its subsidiary in Atlanta, USA and a skilled network of integrators and distribution partners. Our innovation is built on line confocal imaging (LCI) ensuring the most accurate measurement results without the limitations of the traditional measurement methods. Our technology works even on the most challenging surfaces such as dark matt, glossy and transparent surfaces. There is no speckle noise nor interference and a sub-micron measurement accuracy is guaranteed be the samples moving or not.


Measurement Science and Technology

Measurement Science and Technology publishes articles on new measurement techniques and associated instrumentation. Subject coverage includes the theory, practice and application of measurement in physics, chemistry, engineering and the environmental and life sciences from inception to commercial exploitation. Publications in the journal should emphasize the novelty of reported methods, characterize them and demonstrate their performance using examples or applications.



PIXAPP is the world’s first open-access Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) Assembly and Packaging Pilot line, and helps users exploit the breakthrough advantages of PIC technologies. PIXAPP consists of a highly-interdisciplinary team of Europe’s leading industrial & research organisations, and provides users with single-point access to PIC assembly and packaging. The Pilot Line Gateway Office is PIXAPP's the easy-access interface for external users, and is located at the Tyndall National Institute, in Ireland. The Gateway is managed by an experienced team, including technical experts to review incoming user requests, and project managers to organise the PIXAPP supply chain. PIXAPP bridges the ‘valley of death’ often associated with moving from prototyping to low-volume fabrication, by giving companies an easy-access route to transferring R&D results to the market.



IEEE Sensors Council

The IEEE Sensors Council focuses on the theory, design, fabrication, manufacturing and application of devices for sensing and transducing physical, chemical, and biological phenomena. With an emphasis on the electronics, physics, and reliability aspects of sensors and integrated sensor-actuators, the Council sponsors well-recognized, international conferences and publications.



Integrated photonics has become critical to life sciences. Although successful demonstrations, the gating factor for wider adoption is limited in resource capacity. PIX4life, a European project, enables the production of low-cost, highly reproducible, and scalable products, aiming to lower barriers to entry for testing and validating biophotonics concepts. 



MIRPHAB (Mid InfraRed PHotonics devices fABrication for chemical sensing and spectroscopic applications) provides a platform to ensure the bridging between technology and component development and the commercial availability of such components avoiding the risks associated with the introduction of new disruptive technologies.


Zurich Instruments

Zurich Instruments is a test and measurement company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich Instruments makes cutting-edge instrumentation for scientists and technologists in advanced labs who are passionate about phenomena that are often notoriously difficult to measure. Our core offering includes lock-in amplifiers, phase-locked loops, arbitrary waveform generator, impedance analyzers, digitizers and boxcar averagers.


Nanoscribe GmbH

Nanoscribe’s Photonic Professional GT is the world’s highest resolution 3D-printer for nano- and microfabrication. It provides maskless lithography and additive manufacturing in one device. The two-photon polymerization driven systems set new standards in a multitude of applications like photonics, micro-optics, microfluidics, MEMS, and life sciences.



Plasma-Therm is a U.S. manufacturer of advanced plasma-processing equipment, providing etch, deposition, and plasma dicing technologies used in semiconductor packaging, solid-state lighting, power, data storage, renewable energy, MEMS, nanotechnology, photonics, and wireless communication markets. Plasma-Therm's global sales and service network supports over 600 commercial, academic, and governmental customers.


National Physical Laboratory

NPL is the UK’s National Measurement Institute, providing the measurement capability that underpins the UK's prosperity and quality of life.

From new antibiotics to tackle resistance and more effective cancer treatments, to unhackable quantum communications and superfast 5G, technological advances must be built on a foundation of reliable measurement to succeed. Building on over a century’s worth of expertise, our science, engineering and technology provides this foundation and helps to make the impossible possible. We save lives, protect the environment and enable citizens to feel safe and secure, as well as support international trade and commercial innovation. As a national laboratory, our advice is always impartial and independent, meaning consumers, investors, policymakers and entrepreneurs can always rely on the work we do.

Based in Teddington, south-west London, NPL employs over 500 scientists and is home to 388 of the world’s most extensive and sophisticated laboratories. NPL also has regional bases across the UK, including at the University of Surrey, the University of Strathclyde, the University of Cambridge and the University of Huddersfield's 3M Buckley Innovation Centre.


IEEE IOT Initiative

The mission of the IEEE IoT Initiative is to serve as the gathering place for the global technical community working on the Internet of Things; to provide the platform where professionals learn, share knowledge, and collaborate on this sweeping convergence of technologies, markets, applications, and the Internet, and together change the world.



ARM® technology is at the heart of a computing and connectivity revolution that is transforming the way people live and businesses operate. Every day more than 45 million ARM-based chips are shipped by our partners into products that enhance the human experience; connecting people, improving lives and making the impossible possible. From the sensor to the cloud and all points in between, ARM is shaping the smart connected world.

Our advanced processor designs have provided the intelligence in over 95 billion silicon chips now powering products from smartphones to supercomputers, medical devices to agricultural sensors and base stations to servers. With thousands of technology partners including the world’s most famous business and consumer brands, we collaborate to drive innovation into all areas compute is possible.



SPIE can help you and your company succeed with SPIE Photonics West, BiOS, Defense + Commercial Sensing, Photonics Europe, Optics + Optoelectronics, OptiFab, education and training courses, recruiting, and the SPIE Digital Library – the world’s largest collection of optics and photonics research.



Semefab manufactures microelectronics and MEMS in its 3 wafer fabrication facilities operating in Scotland, supplying die and packaged devices to global markets since 1986. We operate as a volume foundry and also carry out process transfers and development activities, supporting our customers through the full technology and product development cycle and into volume production. Fab 3 150mm CMOS/Bipolar to 0.7um, Fab 2 150mm & 100mm MEMS to 0.7um, Fab 1 100mm Mos/Bipolar to 2.5um. Foundry services: MEMS - pressure, gas, alcohol, air flow, strain gauge, accelerometer, thermopile, blood viscosity, blood analysis, nanowire, microfluidics; IC's CMOS & linear IC, DIBiCMOS. Semefab brand products - Photopic light sensors & JFETs.



Sencio is an independent package design and assembly company located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. With over 25 years of experience in package development and volume manufacturing of (MEMS) sensor components and systems, Sencio aims to be the world class competence center for functional packaging.