Industry Day OVERVIEW - Wednesday, November 1

Some of the most important global challenges facing humanity include: secure and resilient food supply; sustainable health and well-being; clean air, water and sanitation; affordable, reliable and sustainable energy; safety, security and resilience for citizens and infrastructure.

Sensors engineering can help address all of these challenges, applying solutions which emerge from both industry and academia. Ever closer engagement between these two communities is desirable to achieve better understanding of current and future technologies and practices which will help address the global challenges. Sensors and sensor systems have already made, and will continue to make, immense contributions towards a more sustainable and safer world. Industry Day at SENSORS 2017 will bring together industrialists and academics, with industrial speakers focusing on the impact of sensors on two challenge-related topics, namely Precision Agriculture & Aquaculture and Precision Health & Medicine. Speakers will describe the impact of sensors on sustainable agricultural and marine practices and in health applications, and will also discuss future directions.

Precision Agriculture & Aquaculture (10:30-12:00)

Session Co-Chair 

Graham Kerr, Technical Director, CENSIS - VIEW BIO


Opening Session Speaker 

Dave Ross, CEO, Agricultural Engineering Precision Innovation Centre - VIEW BIO

Session Speakers 

Michael Gilroy, R&D Group Leader, Afimilk - VIEW BIO

Jim Wilson, Technical Director, Soil Essentials - VIEW BIO

John Breivik, CEO, Stingray Marine Solutions - VIEW BIO

Lunchtime panel (12:00-13:30)

Panel Lead 

Pete Loftus, Rolls Royce - VIEW BIO


James Goodfellow - VIEW BIO

Douglas Anderson, Optos - VIEW BIO

Hugh Gill, Touch Bionics - VIEW BIO

Gavin Burrow, NPL - VIEW BIO

Precision Health & Medicine (14:00-15:30)

Session Chair

Andrew Dehennis, Senseonics - VIEW BIO

Opening Session Speaker

Stuart Parks, NHS Glasgow - VIEW BIO

Session Speakers 

Rogier Receveur, Medtronic

Victor Pikov, Senior Director, GSK/Galvani Bioelectronics - VIEW BIO

Marko Mailand, IDT Inc - VIEW BIO