DEMO 1:  Live Demonstration: a VCO-Based Point-of-Care ESR Spectrometer

DEMO 2:  Live Demonstration: Wireless PID Control of a Thermal Process Using an Ultra-Low Cost LWIR Camera

DEMO 3:  Live Demonstration: Intelligent Signal Processing on a Miniaturized Hardware Module

DEMO 4:  Live Demonstration: Motion Detection Vision Sensor with Dynamic Background Rejection

DEMO 5:  Live Demonstration: a Novel Cuffless Photoplethysmography Sensor for Continuous Blood Pressure Measurement

DEMO 6:  Live Demonstration: Energy Autonomous Wireless Valve Leakage Monitoring System with Acoustic Emission Sensor

DEMO 7:  Live Demonstration: Simultaneous Optical Interrogation of Multiple Tuning Fork Resonators Using Range-Resolved Interferometry

DEMO 8:  Live Demonstration: Screen Printed, Microwave Based Level Sensor for Automated Drug Delivery

DEMO 9:  Live Demonstration: an NFC Based Batteryless CMOS ISFET Array for Real-Time pH Measurements of Bio-Fluids

DEMO 10:  Live Demonstration: XelfleX – Wearable Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensing

DEMO 11:  Live Demonstration: Energy Autonomous Electronic Skin for Robotics

DEMO 12:  Live Demonstration: 3D Sonar Sensing Using Low-Cost MEMS Arrays

DEMO 13:  Live Demonstration: a Low-Power CMOS Multi-Pixel Volatile Compounds Sensing Platform for Environmental Monitoring in Iot Through LoRa Networks