ARM® technology is at the heart of a computing and connectivity revolution that is transforming the way people live and businesses operate. Every day more than 45 million ARM-based chips are shipped by our partners into products that enhance the human experience; connecting people, improving lives and making the impossible possible. From the sensor to the cloud and all points in between, ARM is shaping the smart connected world.

Our advanced processor designs have provided the intelligence in over 95 billion silicon chips now powering products from smartphones to supercomputers, medical devices to agricultural sensors and base stations to servers. With thousands of technology partners including the world’s most famous business and consumer brands, we collaborate to drive innovation into all areas compute is possible.


Semefab manufactures microelectronics and MEMS in its 3 wafer fabrication facilities operating in Scotland, supplying die and packaged devices to global markets since 1986. We operate as a volume foundry and also carry out process transfers and development activities, supporting our customers through the full technology and product development cycle and into volume production. Fab 3 150mm CMOS/Bipolar to 0.7um, Fab 2 150mm & 100mm MEMS to 0.7um, Fab 1 100mm Mos/Bipolar to 2.5um. Foundry services: MEMS - pressure, gas, alcohol, air flow, strain gauge, accelerometer, thermopile, blood viscosity, blood analysis, nanowire, microfluidics; IC's CMOS & linear IC, DIBiCMOS. Semefab brand products - Photopic light sensors & JFETs.


OrthoSensor, a world leader in Sensor-Assisted Total Knee Arthroplasty, is globally
transforming orthopaedic surgery. Its leading product VERASENSE™ is a disposable sensor device which provides real-time intraoperative data, enabling surgeons to customize implant positioning and improve soft tissue balance in primary and revision

Polytec GmbH

In the field of micro and nano technology Polytec's innovative, non-contact optical metrology enables the systematic testing of dynamic mechanical response of e.g. MEMS devices to important electrical and physical inputs, working with resolutions in the picometer range and frequencies up to the GHz regime. In addition our high-resolution 3D surface metrology option reveals all important details of the micro topography of your sample.

University of Strathclyde